If the opportunity doesn't exist, create it.


PURA TEMPEH CO. was born from a strong desire to create what we wanted to eat and share it with our community.


​Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian fermented (soy) bean food, packed with protein, vitamin B, antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, and calcium. The culturing process assists with digestion, making it perfect for those who have trouble digesting plant-based protein foods like beans or tofu. 100g of tempeh delivers you 19 GRAMS OF PROTEIN with more calcium and iron than your average chicken breast.


​As vegan and flexi-tarian founders, we understand the need to have vegan/vegetarian options in not only Hokkaido, but Japan. The omnivores will swoon at the "bacon", "ribs", and "burgers" that can be created with tempeh.


Check Facebook and Instagram for recipe ideas and tag us in your creations @puratempeh.


Our tempeh is unpasteurized and made fresh.


Enjoy within 7 days if refrigerated and 3 months if frozen.


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